Andrew was born in Stonehouse in Lanarkshire in 1876 the son of the local blacksmith , who having won a scholarship went  to be educated at Hamilton Academy.

He entered the civil service in London in 1897, and then transferred to the General Register Office Scotland (GROS) in Edinburgh.  In 1911 he was one of the superintendents of the census, which was a particularly elaborate exercise in that year.  He was promoted in the GROS, and became Secretary (the chief administrative officer under the Registrar General) in 1925.

Appointed in 1930 to General Registrar , Andrew Froude was the first Registrar General for Scotland who was effectively a career civil servant, without having worked in other areas.  He was also the first Registrar General to show that the higher ranks of the civil service were becoming more open to men of all social classes (women usually left on marriage, and rarely reached the upper levels).  He was awarded the Imperial Service Order, and retired on account of ill health in 1937.

Froude was succeeded in his role by James Gray Kyd.

Andrew Froude died in Edinburgh in June 1945 at the age of 68.

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