Through this site we hope to highlight the personnel who enlisted, were killed or indeed survived the various conflicts that have taken place over the years. We have concentrated on World War 1 and 2 however will add other conflicts as research continues. If you have information of any personnel missed or who fought in other conflicts please let us know.

The men and women who lost their lives during world war one and two are commemorated on the war memorial within Manse Road Cemetery and  within the local churches.

A number of Commemorated  War graves are also contained in the cemetery. Our Historical Data provides further details on these individuals including regiment and location of their grave.

The group through research by the late Jim Davidson, William Mackie and John Rogers have compiled (where they have been available) details of the men’s service records and these are available to anyone researching their family.

The group also has a  separate list which indicates all those known to have enlisted during world war 1 and 2. We know that 180 personnel with a link to Stonehosue enlisted during the first world war and that 50% did not return.