Clothing Society

It is reported in Robert Naismith’s book “Stonehouse”  published in 1885 that the society was instituted by Mrs. Lockhart, Cambusnethan House, in the year 1874- During the years it has been in existence a considerable number of deserving poor have been greatly benefitted, and the committee have striven to administer the funds entrusted to them in the most judicious manner.

Items of clothing, Tea, sugar  were all issued .  A very early example of todays foodbank.

 The amount expended in 1880 is detailed  in the articles attached  and as can bee seen the income is  from £30 to £40 per annum. The following ladies formed the original acting committee :-

Her Grace the Duchess of Hamilton, president; Mrs. Lockhart of Castle­hill, vice-president and secretary; Mrs. Naismith, treasurer; Miss Dunn, Miss Mitchell, Mrs. Barrowman, Mrs. Hamilton, Mrs. J. Gray, Miss J. Mitchell, and Mrs. Rae.

The Hamilton Advertiser reported in 1880 that the income of the society was thirty seven pounds one shilling and 8 pence with expenditure of thirty two pounds fourteen shillings and nine and a half pennies with the account showing a balance of thirteen pounds fourteen shillings and 7 and half pennies. 1881 

Clothing Society 1880 Source Hamilton Advertiser

Clothing society 1881

The income is equivalent to £2454.35 in 2017 and the balance is equivalent to £908.

Lady Lockhart sadly passed away in June 1904.