The group are currently researching the census information  from 1841-1891 to compile a list of professions operating in the village. it was anticipated that we will have the usual collection of Blacksmiths, Teachers, Doctors etc however group member Tom Gillespie who pulled together the information from the census information that the group holds provided a wide variety of occupations that were in the village.

The following summary list which has lifted the occupations as they were transcribed from the census provides a summary of how diverse the village was in relation to work and occupations.

Summary of Occupations 1841-1891

Employment Breakdown 1841-1891

Residents in Employment 1841-

The following files listed under each occupation provides an indication of the numbers that were present during the period of 1841-1891.


Coal 1841-1891

The following  document provides the memories of a coalman by Harry McFarlane in which he remembers delivering ice cream and coal.

Memories by Harry McFarlane


Education 1841-1891


Weaving 1841-1891


Farming 1841-1891




Others 1841-1891

Please accept our apologise if you have not found what you were looking for, however feel free to contact the group to discuss if we can assit you with any information searches.

Thanks to Tom Gillespie for analysing the information held.