The below table is an abbreviated  list of names from the World War 1 Enlistees. For additional information on service number and service records (where available)  please consider becoming a member for only £11 pa and supporting the Stonehouse Heritage Group.

This is an abbreviated  list of personnel who enlisted to fight during World War I (List of all known enlistees who were born, resided , married in Stonehouse).

Part of the  list was discovered in the old Police Station when it was being demolished and the remainder was researched by members. However it is not a definitive list of enlistees. If you have any information on anyone listed including photographs please contact us we would love to hear from you. If you know of anyone not listed, we would  also like to hear from you in order we can include them on our site. Email the group on

AllanGeorgeCorporalMachine Gun Corps
AlstonHughPrivateArmy Service Corps
AndersonAlexLance SgtCanadian Infantry
AndersonCaldwellCaptainHighland Light Infantry
AndersonRobert AUnknown
BarrJamesPrivateGordon Highlanders
BarrWilliamLance CorporalArgyll & Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's)
BarrieJohnKing's Own Scottish Borderers
BennettJamesPrivateRoyal Scots
BiggarAndrewCameronians (Scottish Rifles)
BrownAlexanderGordon Highlanders
BrownArchie SapperRoyal Engineers
BrownIssac LoganPrivateCanadian Infantry
BrownJamesRoyal Scots
BrownJamesPrivateSeaforth Highlanders
BrownJames ChristianChaplainUnknown
BrownJames MUnknown
BrownJohnPrivateKing's Own Scottish Borderers
BrownlieJohnPrivateGordon Highlanders
BrownlieRobertPrivateHighland Light Infantry
BrownlieWalterLance CorporalSeaforth Highlanders
BryceWilliamHighland Light Infantry
BurnsGeorge MArmy Service Corps
BurnsJohnPrivateRoyal Scots
BurnsThomasRoyal Engineers
CallanderJohnPrivateMachine Gun Corps
CameronASergeantCameronians (Scottish Rifles)
CampbellWilliamArgyll & Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's)
ClarkEdwardPrivateHighland Light Infantry
ClarkPatrickPrivateRoyal Army Medical Corps
CochraneArchibaldPrivateQueen's Own Cameron Highlanders
CochraneJames BrownliePrivateNorthumberland Fusiliers
CooperJamesPrivateRoyal Scots
CooperWilliamPrivateRoyal Scots
CouchThomasPrivateKing's Own Scottish Borderers
CraigJohnGordon Highlanders
CraigRobertSergeantMachine Gun Corps
CraigWilliamPrivateSeaforth Highlanders
CrossFredrickPrivateHighland Light Infantry
CrowRobertCanadian Engineers
CullenThomasCanadian Engineers
CurrRobertPrivateRoyal Field Artillery